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Regular meetings of the Keller ISD Board of Trustees are held the second and fourth Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Education Center, 305 Keller Parkway in Keller. The meetings begin with a call to order at 6:30 p.m., followed by executive session. The board then reconvenes into open session at 7:30 p.m. An agenda is posted on the front door of the building 72 hours before meetings. A packet detailing agenda items is available to the public at the Keller ISD Education Center, 350 Keller Parkway in Keller the Friday before the meeting.
How can I address the School Board?
The trustees represent you in determining what is best for the children attending Keller ISD schools, and you should feel comfortable expressing your opinions to them. Your input is encouraged and will always be considered by the Board.

Requesting time to speak
Individuals may request a slot to speak by registering with the superintendent's secretary before the Board meeting begins.


bullet Speakers should identify themselves and their affiliation, make their presentations, and identify the desired remedies.
bulletEach speaker is allocated five minutes.
bullet Speakers should direct their remarks to the entire Board and not to individual Trustees.

Topics not allowed by state law:

bullet Deliberation, discussion or any decisions related to items not on that meeting's agenda.
Complaints about individual district employees.
Agenda items
The agenda is designed to include citizens' comments, student and staff recognitions, action items and report items.

Posting of the agenda
Agendas are posted 72 hours before meetings on the front door of the Education Center and at www.kellerisd.net

Contact your Keller Independent School District Board:

  President David Farmer, Place 6  Term Expires May 2009

  Vice President Linn Jencopale, Place 1  Term Expires May 2007

  Secretary Randy Pugh, Place 2  Term Expires May 2007

  Member Bob Apetz, Place 7  Term Expires May 2009

  Member  Cindy Lotton , Place 3  Term Expires May 2007

  Member Scott Brown, Place 4  Term Expires May 2008

  Member Gerry Knowles, Place 5  Term Expires May 2007

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